One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The Gig

We had a death in our community, a young girl, sick for two to three years, an unbelievable child with an attitude about life and death and Yehadus (Judaism), that shames most of us who think we know what it’s all about.

She taught an entire community.

Anyway, prior to her passing, a famous performer in the Jewish world had been hired to come to her home to give her a private concert. The singer expected to be paid, even though the girl passed away before the concert and could no longer (as far as we know) appreciate the music.

There are entire tractates of Jewish law on these types of problems, I understand, and the singer’s expectation (demand) to be paid is therefore not something we should judge.

Ultimately the parties who arranged the contract agreed to have a small concert for the tzedeicat’s classmates. (Saint is the best I can do on a one word translation for tzedeicat)

When I heard this story I thought to myself,

If I told patients that no matter what happened, no matter what the scheduling conflict, that they had to pay for my services? I’d be out of business in a heartbeat.

I know there are cancellation stipulations, and I have a strict 3 day in advance cancellation policy myself. But I don’t want to see anyone when they’re sick, and I believe people shouldn’t have to pay extra if they have to go to a funeral.

That’s price enough, isn’t it.

But I’m not judging, just throwing it out there.

sadly yours,


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