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Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

How a Shidduch is Made Sometimes

The real reason I posted the post on How a Shidduch is Made is to show you that co-educational environments aren’t the worst environments for Jewish kids, especially during high school.

In fact, we might consider creating a place (that’s so very missing) in the Orthodox world for young people to meet.


I understand that there the single woman phenomenon in the Jewish community is a big problem.  Relying upon shadchans to marry off our daughters isn’t working.

If you think about it, relying on a shadchan does seem to narrow the odds unfavorably.  A girl could talk to perhaps, 50 boys in a typical parochial high school, or more.  A shadchan will fix her up to the tune of perhaps 10 boys in a year.

Oh, but you’ll say, her hormones, and his hormones, and how will we ever prevent the pregnancies and the blasphemous relationships?

All I can say to this is that I moved to my community 30 years ago.  In that time I know of only one pregnancy previous to marriage (and you know how people talk).

And the community speaks fondly of the love child.

Anyway, it’s just something to think about.



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