One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

This is what I mean by Jews not loving Jews

When I say that Jews just need to love one another unconditionally (all of us) this is what I mean.

I have some great neighbors and there are many “frum” (Orthodox) families on this block.

One summer a new couple moved in, nice Jewish kids, not Orthodox, but “affiliated.”  I don’t even quite know what that means.

Anyway, the whole neighborhood is pretty frum, too,  so the spirit rubbed off on the new couple and they got bit by it and became “frum.”  Then everyone said (behind their backs) “Isn’t it nice that so and so are now frum?”  And the smiles meant, to me at least, now they’re like us and they’re okay.

This upsets me.  These two were okay NOT frum.  They were better than okay, they were great.  Sure, it’s wonderful that HaShem will hear more blessings coming out of more mouths and will see more mitzvahs, etc. , and I’m certainly happy they’re happy and they love yehadus (Judaism) and love learning and meeting new people, making new friends.    It’s a lovely community.  The new couple is no longer new and they seem content here.

It’s this kind of statement, “Isn’t it great that so and so have become frum(!)” that annoys me.  It makes it sound as if there is something intrinsically wrong with people who aren’t.  And if, indeed, there’s something lacking in people are aren’t frum, it is likely that they sense this kind of an attitude when they’re around it and it’s unlikely that does not inspire anyone to be frum.

I think our new couple had a If you can’t beat ’em, Join ’em epiphany.

It’s the superiority complex that bothers me.  Someone tell me I’m nuts, that really we’re all quite humble and recognize how truly pashut (simple) we all, as homosapiens, truly are.

I really don’t like thinking like this, that frum people think they’re better than non-frum people.  One of my sensitivities is hearing things the way I think others, especially those who aren’t Orthodox would hear them.

Tomorrow I’ll write about a story I heard on Shabbas about how Jews talk about non-Jews.  That’s even worse.

A nonjudgmental week to us all, shavuah tov,


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