One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.


Maybe this is the really big difference in Jews: Our take on Friday.

The Orthodox don’t all look at Friday as the harbinger of this wonderful, holy day (although most of us love it once we get there). There’s all kinds of stress associated with MAKING SHABBAS.

Most of don’t go, Oh, Wow, Thank G-d for Shabbas! Most of us spend Friday afternoon scurring around still getting dinner together and cleaning house, resenting that the sun is setting and so much hasn’t been done.

And don’t even talk about bloggers. Anything taking us away from our blogging is a problem.

I can’t really speak for any other Jewish denominational group as a group like I can the Orthodox (which is where I’ve come from the past 30 years, you don’t need to know how old I am– old enough). Once the rabbi of our shul gave a speech about being excited about the fact that Shabbas was coming.

He said, “I don’t think most of you really are excited that Shabbas is coming. I think most of you have trouble greeting the day in the special way we’re supposed to greet it, like a person greets a bride. ”

Being relatively new to strict observance, I saw him at kiddish and said, “Actually, I do get a thrill lighting candles.” He looked at me, raised his eyebrows and said. “You do?”

“Uh, huh.”

So that would be a big difference between Jewish denominations, our takes on Fridays and Saturdays. It would be a really hard thing to unite the Jewish people around Shabbas since most Jews aren’t going to decide, one day, “Oh. I think I’ll keep Shabbas. Sounds like an excellent idea, turning off the television, not playing soccer, skipping the restaurant scene.”

Somehow I don’t see that happening right away. But the point of this blog is that we understand one another. We all need to know that in fact it is thrilling for some of us, and less than thrilling for many of us, and it’s not even a concept for most of us.

Which is okay. I hear there’s some pretty good stuff on television on Friday nights, and I’ll bet that’s very relaxing after a hard week, watching a few good shows.

Good Shabbas friends,


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