One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

Retiring the Mitzvah Police badge

About 32 years ago, when I first started getting frum, my only brother said to me, “I don’t understand how you could practice the religion in a way that divides families rather than brings them closer together.”

We had already lost a brother, you should know, in an accident.  And he was referring to the , “You can’t drive here on Shabbas” thing.

It wasn’t easy to explain.  Sometimes I wondered the same thing.  But now that I’m more secure, he and his wife, and my nephews and their girlfriends all drive over (when I’m zocheh to have them) on Shabbas and on Yom Tov. We make high holidays the exceptions.

Nobody in the neighborhood could care less.  It’s a loving town.

And I think, I could be wrong, but I think my brother’s family is a little more frum because of it, although that all depends upon what means frum, I think of deeds and heart, much more than blindly following rules. I also doubt I’m any less frum for having ceased to be the mitzvah police, as if that were ever my job.

But surely I personally could be more frum.  That I know.

Equitably yours,


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