One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

Jews and Drinking

So there we are at dinner on a Thursday night with some old friends who aren’t Jewish, although there’s a Jewish father out there from a first marriage, which makes their 25 year old daughter who is with us “at least half Jewish. ” Of course the most affiliated half.

The guys order a beer and the women a glass of wine each and it’s a very nice evening. The youngest among us brings up a Shabbas synagogue service she’s attended a few weeks ago at an Orthodox shul.

“Wow, do they drink,” she says.

Uh yeah. She continues. “They don’t drink nearly as much at the Conservative synagogues I’ve been to. I’ve never even seen anything except maybe a bottle of Manishevitz Concord at a kiddish.”

My S-O explains to her that this is how wonderful the Jewish people are. The Orthodox don’t have to drive, so of course they can drink. But if you have to drive, like our sisters and brothers who aren’t Orthodox have to do to get to shul, then of course you can’t.

And they say we have no fun.  I love ’em all.

not exactly drunkenly yours,


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