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Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

Asking People for Money When They’re Praying

I’m sure that this doesn’t happen in Conservative synagogues, or Reform or any other kind of synagogue than an Orthodox synagogue.  But giving charity is a big mitzvah (commandment) so it’s not unusual for a person who needs money to ask a person who keeps mitzvahs for charity.

If you’ve ever been to the kotel in Israel then you know what I’m talking about here.

The strange thing, of course, is that interrupting someone’s prayers, some of which could be that person’s supplication for money,  seems rude.

a) How can anyone interrupt a conversation with G-d?

b) Why can’t it wait a couple of minutes?

I understand that praying the morning prayers in a synagogue can cost $7.00 minimum a day!  Fine, if you have that kind of pocket change.

But that’s not the issue, of course.  Maybe during derech eretz month (see other posts), which is in ELUL, coming right up, people can watch this issue.

Humbly yours,


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My Mother-in-law and Derech Eretz Month

The quick and dirty on this is that she is the idea person in the family. She’s also our moral compass.

The other day she said, We need people in the shul who will drive elderly people to their appointments if they need assistance.

I said, Well, make the suggestion.

She said, I did. The Rabbi said, Write it up. I don’t write things up.

Hmmm. Maybe. . .

Then she continued: Nobody has derech eretz these days.

Derech eretz is common decency, manners.

What are you getting at?

Well, there’s a new couple in my building.


And I’m waiting for them to come up to me to say hello.

Why wait? Go say hi!

No, that’s not right. I’m older. They should come over to me first.

That makes sense.

You know what we need?

What, Mom?

We need derech eretz MONTH!

I agree.

Elul. The month before Rosh HaShana. That should be derech eretz month. The whole shul should try to observe it, be especially nice to others. THINK before they open their mouths.

Great. But why stop there? Why not tell the WHOLE WORLD to observe Derech Eretz month?

Sure, why not.

So I’m telling you.



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