One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The problem with circumcision


brit milah


Jewish identity

Who would have ever thought this would be a problem, something even under discussion?  But it is!

Apparently a man with the last name Ungar-Sangar has made an “educational” film about the need to do away with this barbaric custom.  According to him, one can have this covenant with G-d without the cutting away of foreskin.

Who knew?

There are a few problems, actually.  Feel free to add to my list or to argue.

A baby who hasn’t had a proper bris might grow up into a child who wants one, then it’s infinitely more painful.

A child who hasn’t had a proper bris might feel very isolated Jewishly, and disconnected from his ancestors, all of who had brisim.  I see this as psychologically very damaging, especially since the decision to have a proper bris as a teenager would probably create family conflict.  His parents have already said, “NO.”

Cultural diversity is considered a good thing, and this movement dilutes diversity, is another form of assimilation.  The Jewish people are only still here, historically, because they did not assimilate. I thought everyone knew this.

This film-maker, I feel, is another self-hating Jew.  Why do Jews hate themselves like this?  I don’t understand it.



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