One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

Color and Black

Fact is, like most Jews, I come from a family that has some REALLY frum relatives, some PRETTY frum relatives, some FRUM relatives, and all the way down the line, or up the line, depending upon your perspective.  I mean we’re talking colors, really.

Tonight I made it to one of my cousin’s kid’s chasanahs.  My married daughter looked around and said to me, Uh, mom, did you notice, you’re the uh, ONLY one in a color and by the way, it’s hot pink.

Yes, it was a hot pink sweater set.  BUT I WORE A BLACK SKIRT!  COME ON!

Anyway, I looked around, too, and there was another woman in a color.  I recognized her right off as REALLY FRUM and in PURPLE.  Chaval.  (oy vey)

I walked up to her after the chupah and thanked her for doing that, wearing purple.  She said, What is this, a funeral?  I NEVER wear black.  WHY WOULD I WEAR BLACK TO A CHASANAH?

My feelings exactly.

hoping things change one day,


August 23, 2007 Posted by | black | 1 Comment