One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

N’ah Alitalia

I just hate it when people don’t bend over backwards to help older people.  I must be getting older.

We took a trip to the Holy Land a couple of weeks ago.  My m-i-l, the one who is always nagging about derech eretz (manners, see previous posts) did not like our dates on EL AL and took the Italian airline.

“I’ll try it,” she said.  She likes to try new things.

Our flight was unremarkable but we had a great time those first few days, settled into an apartment in Bakaa and rented a car, tooled around the country to our old stomping grounds.

M-i-l caught up with us in Petach Tikva where my s-i-l and her considerable (K”H) sized fam live.  “I had a simply TERRIBLE flight,” she exclaimed in her most British of British accents.

Why so bad?

“Oh, you would think I had to pay extra for water.  WATER.  I approached the galley. CLOSED.  I asked for a blanket.  We have no blankets.  Well, we’re short on blankets.  A pillow?  I might as well have asked for silver or gold.”

Sorry, mom.

“Oh.  And breakfast.  Because I ordered a kosher meal, they gave me salami.  SALAMI for breakfast.”


She got over it.

A few days later I remembered that a cousin of mine had just moved to Catamon, so I visited him, too, and he had an even better story about Alitalia.

“We were going to Rome and had ordered a kosher meal.  They said they didn’t have one.  We argued, but no meal.  After we landed we were arrested for harassing the flight crew.  If I hadn’t been EXTREMELY solicitous, I’d be in jail today.”

Would you say it’s anti-Semitism?  I have no idea, honestly.  But I can tell you something for sure.  No water, no Torah, no derech eretz, and for me, no, no, no Alitalia.

Unapologetically yours,


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