One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The Doc Falls Asleep

I’m always telling you that religious yiddin’ are too self-conscious about being religious.  They erroneously think they’re so different from the rest of the tribe.  But indeed, I know it’s a rogue opinion, we are not.

We have to eat and we have to sleep.  The question for today is, should we do it while we work?  I found myself with an irrepressible desire to close my baby blues while listening to people’s problems a few months ago.  Maybe it was aging, maybe stress.  Patients weren’t boring, not at all.

I just couldn’t stay up.

So I did what any normal Jew would do.  I stopped eating.  I used to make myself (and FD) remarkable, gourmet sandwiches and ate them in increments before noon.  But they were making me tired, so not eating much during the day did the trick, kept me awake.

When you’re hungry, you stay awake.  Except that meant that the chocolate my colleague Serious Doc kept in the office next door started screaming at me.  And I started responding.

The rest of this story  is on my other blog, the blog that empties my reservoir of What I Have to Say about therapy.  But as I described my sandwiches I ended up having to mention that word, the kosher word.  And explaining kashrut to people who might have no reference whatsoever to our rules isn’t easy.

So maybe we are different, I guess.  Different enough to have to qualify what we eat with phrases like nothing crawly, okay? And No reptiles.

Shavuah tov,


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