One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

It’s In His Eyes

There comes a time when one must break down and call someone to clean the carpets. We only have one carpet that needs help, a white burbur in the living room. It had seen better days.

So I consulted the web for local Places Nearby That Seem Reputable and found a carpet cleaning company with coupon. I called and the phone person was cheerful and helpful. We had set it up for this morning, and bright and early, the Carpet Guy pulled up to our house in a small white nondescript van.

FD happened to be on his way out to the Yeshiva to treat the sick and malingering bochers. He does this often.

But before he left, he called me from the car and said,

Where’d you get this guy?!!

From the Internet.

Did you get any references?!!

Uh, no, why?

You’ll see.

Maybe you shouldn’t drive away.

I decided you could take him, if necessary.

So this sweet skinny guy with a pony tail walks through my door and says to me, in a very thick, lovely accent (I had thought the company Hispanic from my phone call),

“So this is the carpet? How old is it?”

I’m not one for details, but he was not Hispanic. I’m always in the need to know ethnicity. I just love it. It’s one of my things.

“Where are you from?” I ask directly.

“Where do you think I’m from?” he asks back with a smile.

“Uh, your accent says maybe France.”

He laughs at me, incredulous. “I can’t believe you say that,” he exclaims, as if I’m the stupidest person alive,

“I am from Israel.” He says it proudly.

“Oh, I couldn’t tell.”

He catches my eyes and stares at me then says, “No, no, no. You can not mistake me from anywhere else. It is impossible.”

“And why not?”

“It is in my eyes,” he says.

And as I look at them, indeed, they are dancing as only Jewish eyes can dance. How could I have thought otherwise?

Good Shabbas,


October 19, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Ha!

    I have to get mine cleaned too..ASAP!

    Comment by jacob | October 24, 2007

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