One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The TV Thing

We tend to get into these soppy explanations of why we don’t-can’t-won’t watch television, let alone turn on the tube on Shabbas. But how do we explain it to people who have no reference, no understanding of Orthodox Judaism?

Face it. On the surface it does sound like we’re locking ourselves in the closet, won’t come out until Saturday night. If then. And we like it.

So we’ll ramble on about our little island in time, how sweet it is focusing on family, friends, connecting spiritually, too, if that’s happening at all. And it looks good on paper. But what are we really doing?

I’m telling people it’s a more sensuous experience, de-electrifying my life. When we can’t turn something on, that implies that our experience is more real. Electricity changes reality, whereas untampered life is direct. Direct is a buzzword these days.

I wrote about Calvin and Hobbes in my other blog, and how Hobbes, the tiger, is more real than most of what I see on television. What I’m saying is that looking at the picture for as long as I want enables a more lasting experience. A person can also reread a paragraph over and over again, and we do when we want to learn something, read things over and over again.

Well, I suppose that’s the better answer. If we have to explain away television, Shabbas or no Shabbas, we can say we learn more from books. Life without television is life in the here and now, too. It’s less of an escape, less of a vacation, more hands on, literally. We FEEL it more.

Not that we have to justify anything to anyone.


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