One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

John Lennon Versus a Tzaddik

How do we measure a tzaddik?  We know that there’s a concept, tzaddik v’ rah lo (a saint mainly gets a bad portion in this world), so if bad things happen to a person then maybe it’s a sign he’s a tzaddik.

When a young person (and I consider anyone under 60 young these days) suffers and is off life support and will no longer be with us in this world for long, that automatically makes him a tzaddik, I’d imagine.

I met one of these tzaddikim only briefly, but talked about it in a rambling but I think interesting post about role models, lug nuts, and chases to airplanes to spend time with a dying person.  I tried to  illustrate how a good role model  can be a role model even in his or her final moments.

Comparing a frum yid who suffered to the end who kept such a sense of humor to John Lennon was surely a stretch.  But maybe John was a tzaddik, too.


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