One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The Big Finish and Gospel Meetings

The sheer energy of Nilah is like a gospel meeting.  Or so I’d imagine from watching t.v.

I tried to tell the oomos (as in, other peoples on this earth) how excited we get at crunch time, those last few minutes of Yom Kippur, assuming we’re not freaked out by the thought that we really could be shut out at curtain close.

Those tephilot rock the house more powerfully than any gospel meeting.

What I want to say, but can’t say on EveryoneNeedsTherapy, is that in my mind I imagine all of us, every Jew, having the capacity to see every other Jew else shouting out the Shmah, declaring Oneness.

It would be as if we had a webcam in our heads that recorded every synagogue in the world.

Now that would be inspiring, no?

In awe still,


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