One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.

The resolution: Commentary

So here it is, here’s how I’ll find the strength to post on two blogs with two different identities. I thought before, moment’s ago, that there was simply no way. I just didn’t have it in me.

Who has the strengh to be 2 different people? It’s certainly hard enough to be just one!

Unless. . .unless I make this blog commentary. Of course! Every blog needs commentary. Heck, that’s what comments are all about Commentary! But Zachdus is Jewish commentary. Me, Jewish and Zachdus, writing on me, TherapyDoc.

But if you were to comment on my comments, then Jewish or not, Jewishly or not, we’d have commentary on commentary. We could start a sefer! It doesn’t matter! The more the better.

Let’s begin. Today on Everyone Needs Therapy, TherapyDoc tells us the upshot on the Tante Fela story. Tante Fela is the Holocaust survivor who sat next to her last year at shul on Yom Kippor. Tante Fela taught TherapyDoc what it’s REALLY like to pray, Al Tashlichaini.  Don’t cast me away.

Do you really need commentary on this? Sure you do.  Start here.

Gmar tov,


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