One People

Achdus is Hebrish for “unity”.


THEM always means “goyim,” right?

Goyim means “other people”, as in not Jewish

And even though the word goy means “people” as in nationality, it’s somehow not a compliment. Similar to the way being “frum” IS a complement. We’re an “Am” (rhymes with “mom”), they’re goyim.

This way of speaking, too, has to disappear from the lips of any G-d loving Jewish person.

After all, the angels were severely chastised for singing as the Egyptians drowned while chasing the Jewish People into the Red Sea.  He cried out:

Those are MY creatures! He said. How could you sing?

Anyway, we were eating with some friends on a Friday night. The food was good, the conversation intellectual and funny. Seven adults, one teenager. This is what happens when the nest starts to empty out, but it’s good in some ways. People really let loose when kids aren’t around to hear the hypocrisy just dying to show its lovely head (lovely?).

Only this time, because these are very special, loving people, the conversation was decidedly AGAINST hypocrisy.

An American who made aliyah tells the story of a very Catholic colleague (meaning a practicing Catholic) who came to visit Jerusalem. A woman.

He took her on a tour. They stopped at a winery. We have wonderful wineries in Israel. Anyway, when a man travels with a woman in Israel it is assumed she is his wife. And if that man is wearing a kipah, it’s assumed that he is Jewish. People assume she is, too.

The tour guide, seeing that this was a married Jewish couple said, “We’re going to taste the wine later, but don’t worry! No goy has ever touched one of our bottles in the vintaging of our wine!”

My friend was mortified, rightly so.



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